TEXABILLY Come & Slick It! ALL TEXAS Ingredients Strong Medium Light Hold Grease Natural Organic Oil Based Hair Pomade 4oz Lone Star Slick


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Well we've been working hard to create all kinds of new products this year and we have had the idea for a long time to create a pomade out of ingredients that are produced in Texas. That sounds easy but you'd be surprised how many international oils are used in hair products, even a lot of our products contain things like jojoba and argan oil etc.. which are clearly not grown in Texas :D.

We wanted waxes, butters and oils only made, grown and harvested in Texas. Will it make a difference? Well to someone from Texas it will :D We are a proud bunch and I can assure you most of us will buy that item in the supermarket for $3 more just because it says "Made in Texas". Anyway we've finally got an excellent pomade worthy of the Lone Star Slick name that is 100% Texas Made! Every oil and wax is solely sourced from Texas!

This is a natural and organic blend pomade similar in style to our Dead Elvis pomades but with completely different oils and waxes plus entirely different recipes creating a standalone pomade worthy of being called TEXAS MADE. If you are a fan of oil based natural pomades you will be sure to love this. These are made with our weird Texas weather in mind, softer but heavier oil pomades that are re-combable all day long!

We are offering our pomades in three holds… our STRONG hold / MATTE finish pomade, MEDIUM hold / SLICK finish pomade and GREASE Soft (Light) Hold with SLICK SHINY finish. Just make your selection and we will gladly make your pomade just how you like it.

STRONG HOLD = This is a great strong hold pomade without being a ROCK HARD pomade that dries to concrete! A nice heavy hold that will hold your hair all day long and will easily let you recomb your hair even after it's been in for hours! It’s organic, natural and has a great hold and finishes with a nice MATTE / FLAT look to it with just the slightest hint of shine.

MEDIUM HOLD = This is a pomade recipe that's perfect for those who want a mix of our Strong Hold Pomade and our High Shine Grease!!! It's a medium hold pomade and will be good for everyone, even my wavy curly hair is tamed by this Pomade. Where the Strong Pomade has a MATTE finish and the Grease is Super SHINY, this blend lands right in the middle... leaving you with a good hold and just enough shine to make your hair look great. :)

SOFT HOLD / SLICK SHINY FINISH = Soft, Supple, Light yet heavy and sticky at the same time that finishes with a great shine that will last the whole day and then some! Goes in like butter and spreads easy, easily re-comb your hair all day long. We are calling this a "soft hold" but it does have a decent hold to it and even my thick, curly hair can be tamed with this. This is a true old style retro type pomade but made with all natural ALL TEXAN ingredients. This also works great as a topper for guys who need a strong hold but want a SHINY look you can apply your strong hold pomade, style your hair then warm a little of this in your hand and spread through hair for a great shine!

SIGNATURE: Our “Signature” Scent covers all the bases. Since we sell many pomades and products to both Men and Women alike, we wanted a scent that wasn’t too masculine nor too feminine. A scent that you would smell and instantly wanna take if for a spin in your hair :P Let’s be honest when it comes to “perfumes” and “colognes” the scent is really for you since you are the one wearing it BUT that doesn’t mean your significant other won’t be getting up close and personal and catching a sniff :P

We took the classic barber shop style scent notes (powdery, floral, spicy) and subdued them so they wouldn’t be too powdery or soapy. We then took our homemade Bay Rum we ferment and made a whole new batch leaving out any musk or over the top spice notes so you get a nice scent that’s not too strong and manly but touches on all those great classic scent notes your nose will recognize.
We finished this scent off with PURE SANDALWOOD oil, not fragrance oil or imitation. Anyone who knows that real and pure Sandalwood oil can be as expensive as gold! While expensive it finishes off this concoction perfectly and could not imagine it any other way.


All three are completely different and unique recipes but they do contain mostly the same oils and waxes. We use our signature LSS Wax blend that is a combination of different organic waxes and then mix it with different butters and oils to create some amazing and unique pomades for your enjoyment.

All our pomades, and most of our products, start out with oils, waxes and other natural ingredients. These oils not only help style your hair but are HEALTHY for your hair and skin! Truth be told even if you weren’t styling your hair this product would have great effects on your hair, making it thicker, shinier and all the while healing split ends and poor skin. We adhere to health here at Lone Star Slick and we source organic and natural ingredients from the best suppliers and whenever possible good hardworking Mom and Pop shops just like us.


I wanted to create these oil based pomades that would have a various holds and would be a safer alternative to the old school ones you or your dad or grandpa grew up with :D. I also really wanted to be able to get it out in the shower without using dish soap or stripping shampoo to damage my hair more. The new school "WATER BASED" hair pomade's are not the same thing as the old style GREASER pomade, a water based product will never lay in the hair the way an oil based one does. No judgement meant by that either, I actually use both oil based pomades and water based ones. There is just a clear distinction between the two.

Auction is for one container, extra are pictured to give you an idea of the packaging and design. On occasion product packaging may change and be different than pictured. Sometimes our supplier will run out of a container, lid etc.. so please keep that in mind.packing color can change without notice, unfortunately once and awhile our supplier will run out of a certain color so we may substitute say "green" for "black" etc.. etc...

Unscented products are products without any added fragrance oil, there may be some residual "scent" from the ingredients. We offer most products without added scents for both folks with allergies and those who do not want perfumes and colognes in their products. Most products will have a drop down menu of available scents.

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Returns on beauty items

We can not accept returns on items like combs and brushes etc... I could never in good faith accept a used comb back and resell it nor can we take your word for it that you didn't brush with it :P. Just the thought of it makes me cringe typing this :P If you ordered something that wound up not being perfect for you then do get in touch and we can chat about giving you a discount code to try another item. BUT under no circumstance can I even think about taking back those kinds of items. We love our customers and always use the highest standards when it comes to health and safety.

GREEN or "Plastic Free" Packaging

Our typical packaging consists of brand new heavyweight boxes and new bubble wrap... BUT .... we hate waste here whether it's horn chunks, wood pieces or even packaging items we get ourselves. SOOOOO I always keep a big box full of brown recycled paper, used bubble wrap, air pillows and anything else I can reuse. We don't normally ship with it UNLESS someone asks so PLEASE PLEASE just add a note with your order if you would like Green packaging.

Humane or Ethical Treatment of Animals

This seems to be the number one thing I've had emails about recently. All animals are treated with respect and dignity. When possible the material is sourced right on our farm but when needed we buy from other suppliers. It goes without saying that our GOAT and HORSE hair brushes are from "no kill" animals. Our boar hair is sourced in Texas from several places and is collected from wild boar who are hunted and processed for meat. There is no cruelty involved and all boars are dispersed as humanely as possible. Hair collection is only done when animal is processed after death.

Sourcing of Materials

Our animal hair is sourced right here in Texas. All our wood is sourced right here as well but there are a couple for obvious reasons like they don't grow in Texas that are sourced elsewhere. Same with the horns

Custom and personalized orders

We love what we make and our handmade items take up most of our free time these days. We treat each one like it's our artistic interpretation and as a piece of art. We no longer accept custom or personalized orders as what little free time goes into creating more product for our shop. Thank you for understanding.

Ingredients and Allergy Concerns

Where applicable we will give an idea of the ingredients in the product. We do this for the love and all items are as advertised so if we say something is "glycol free" or "soy free" etc... it is. We love these products and we love you (our customers) so rest assured that our products are 100% as advertised. BUT, if you have a specific allergy please just email us and we can tell you if it's safe.

Wholesale availability

We are always happy to work with store owners, barber shops, online resellers and anyone who wants to sell Dixie Cowboy Products. Just send us a message and we can work on a custom wholesale order just for you. We are not currently wholesaling our handmade combs and brushes, it is just impossible to mass produce these at this time. Some minimums apply when placing items for resale.

Reviews (7)


Excellent "old school" hold, like Royal Crown but with real ingredients. Holds my thick stubborn hair just right and the shine glistens. Highly recommended to anyone with thick hair who wants a real pompadour, i.e. long hair slicked back and piled high.

My husband loves it and I loooooove the smell. It smells amazing! Holds great and goes on soft.

Hold is definitely top notch. I got the medium hold but it acts a little on the heavier side. The top layer is pretty tough to get through but it’s easier to scoop out once you break through. The breakdown isn’t easy though and you’ll have some wax beads left over. The scent is straight up Dr. Pepper. Not a deal breaker but personal that scent gets tiring to me.

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