TEX-SCENTS All Natural Oil Based Perfume & Cologne Lone Star Slick Dixie Cowboy 1oz 30ml Bottle Men's and Women's Fragrance Available


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Well we get asked all the time about "wearing" some of our pomade scents as Cologne/Perfume. So here ya go!! We work hard creating custom scent blends for our products and some customers have raved about them so much they asked it we could "bottle that scent". Well that's just what we have done. Each custom scent is blended with an carrier oil to create a fantastic smelling scent that will last the whole day long. Great REAL GLASS BOTTLES to boot!

I like wearing different scents in my hair pomade and mustache wax, I always make an unscented pomade for myself and just add a drop or two into my hands while warming the pomade. It's an easy way to wear a lot of different Dixie Cowboy scents without having to buy a ton of pomade :)

Oil based perfumes/colognes are much safer and last longer than your typical ALCOHOL / MINERAL SPIRITS based over the counter fragrances. We mix ours to a Perfume Oil ratio making it rather fragrant without being over powering. Another huge benefit of Cologne Oil is that you will use far less than you would of other spray and alcohol colognes because the alcohol evaporates so quickly. So even though these are small size bottles they will last a long time.

SCENT DESCRIPTIONS: (Scents are not available on all items)
ABOUT OUR SCENTS: While we can't give away the recipes for our one of a kind scents, we always give you an idea of some of the oils used to create a scent. All items are scented to a safe essential oil percentage for that item and we will never scent over the safe level for that oil so sometimes one level might be higher or lower than another.

BUDDHA'S LOUNGE - I love the smell of meditative and Buddhist style incense but they can be very overpowering, clinging and one sided one scent. We wanted to create a fragrance that would make you feel relaxed, content and chill but without the sleepiness! I like to burn this in my oil burner while playing Mad Scientist! A mix of scents you’d be familiar with like Nag Champa, Patchouli, Dragon’s Blood, Sandalwood, Amber etc.. thrown in with fresh top notes of Sweet Orange and Lavender for just that extra little something.

CATTLE BOSS - Cattle Boss is a cologne oil I’d classified as a sharp, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. I was asked to create a Hugo type fragrance but with a little more “woods” in it. I’ve added notes of oak, cedar, mandarin, musk and amber. A unique combination of crisp green apples, aromatic herbal twists and smoky and earthy wild forest scents. Be the man in charge and check out our WRANGLER fragrance.

COWBOY BLUES - Well don’t get the wrong idea pardner there ain’t nothing depressing about this here fragrance! This is a fantastic “MANLY MAN” smell, it just oozes that scent of the hard working cowboy out on the range and mending fences and branding cattle :). Seriously though it’s a very masculine smell with great hints of wild mountain pine and cedar, earthy patchouli, sweet vanilla, hints of musk and floral. So put some of this on and you will feel like John Wayne in no time!

ELEVATE – This is part of a new series “Spa” style scents that are pure essential oils blends that can be used as “scents” in products, in the diffuser and even as a roll on oil mix for “healing” and “mood enhancements”. Elevate will elevate your state of mind with this enlightening, rejuvenating blend of Essential Oils containing Cedarwood, Star Anise, Clove, Cornmint and more.

HIGH CLASS COWBOY - Well sometimes ya wanna wear a fragrance that’s doesn’t smell like you’ve been out on the range all day doing manly man stuff. You want a little sophistication and you want to drive all the girls crazy, not just the cowgirls. This is a great modern , fresh and bright smelling cologne with nice citrus notes like mandarin, lemon and bergamot interlaced with some woodsy smells of nutmeg, clove and rose and finished off with some musk and woods to give it just a touch of “COWBOY”

GREEN IRISH SPRINGS - Hopefully you get where I’m going with the title of this fragrance!!!! :P I’m one of those folks that actually really loves that old timey scent of Irish S***g. Here’s a close comparison with a touch of modern brightness to round it out. Pictures scents of bergamot, geranium, lavender, cedarwood and oak.

HARVEST MOON – This is part of a new series “Spa” style scents that are pure essential oils blends that can be used as “scents” in products, in the diffuser and even as a roll on oil mix for “healing” and “mood enhancements”. This revitalizing blend of Fir Needle, Cedarwood and Clove, resting on a smooth bed of Balsam, finishes with a zesty Orange note. This somehow reminds me of Fall whenever I smell it and I love those smells, even a hint of the holidays in there but don’t worry it’s a year ‘round fantastic “woodsy” blend. This has been my go to for my oil diffuser lately :P

IRISH ROVER - A Dixie Cowboy classic that will have all the Irish Lasses going wild. A unique blend of Bergamot, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Iris, Violet, Cedarwood, Sandalwood and five more oils creating a scent that will remind you of green fields and pints at the pub.

LONE WOLF - Lone Wolf is a sexy and animalistic fragrance that’s bound to make the Mrs. howl. Fresh citrus highlights shine around the floral moon of lavender and ylang in this sensuous, masculine blend. An earthy signature of patchouli and spiced wood leads to a base of warm animal tones. Leather and musk balance with balsamic undertones as hints of vanilla complete the blend.

LOVE SPELL (unisex) - I was asked by someone I can’t say no to, to create a fruity cologne that was similar to that popular women’s fragrance with the same name. But this is not ONLY for the ladies, I’ve created this version to be very fruitful but not overly feminine so anyone can wear it. Truth is I loved the smell so much when I mixed it that I instantly made myself a vial to test out as a cologne and in the diffuser! An absolutely tantalizing oil composed of sweet bouquet of mandarin orange, bergamot, and tangerine enhanced by hints of fresh peaches, strawberries, and raspberries on an undertone of white musk. All mixed with cherry blossom, peach and white jasmine notes!

MAVERICK - Well the name should tell ya right off the bat that this is one tough as nails but lady killing scent! Unorthodox and Independent MAVERICK is a great “MAN” smell that is right at home in the honky tonk or suiting up and heading to broadway! A woodsy and aromatic fragrance with a perfect blend of citrus and woods bringing together the sensual woodsy aroma of sandalwood and cedar with invigorating touches of grapefruit, bergamot, mint, ginger, jasmine all incorporating fantastic scents of vetiver, labdanum and frankincense.

REJUVENATION - This is part of a new series “Spa” style scents that are pure essential oils blends that can be used as “scents” in products, in the diffuser and even as a roll on oil mix for “healing” and “mood enhancements”. This uplifting blend of Lime, Lavender, Spearmint and Tea Tree Essential Oils is like a breath of fresh air, will make you feel younger, better and more vital.. Use it to create the perfect spa ambiance to promote a Zen state of mind

ROOT BEER – Well this one smells just like what the title says! After creating a Sarsaparilla lip balm flavoring I really loved the way it smelled and thought it would make a great addition to our pomades and other products. So if you are into the root beer / sarsaparilla smell you will probably DIG THIS TOO!!!!

RETRO BARBERSHOP: Our old time barbershop scent is EXACTLY what your mind conjured up when you read the title!! Lots of classic aromas that make you think of Grandpa coming home from a cut or sneaking in the bathroom to play with your Dad’s pomades and aftershaves! Just an amazing array of classic Powdery, Floral, Spicy notes!

RETRO COWBOY MUSK - bringing back the heyday of great MUSK smelling colognes of the past is our Retro Cowboy scent… a great musky scent that has been updated with the addition of jasmine, rose, ylang ylang, sandalwood, amber and vanilla. Sure to be a crowd favorite for the Cowboys but you don’t have to saddle up to love this fragrance as it’s a manly smell that any lady will be thrilled to smell on you.

RETRO COWGIRL MUSK (WOMEN’S) - this is an elegant but so classic feminine version of our cowboy musk scent. It's a lovely floral musk with a delicate blend of spices, lavender and citrus. This will bring you right back to the hey day of cowgirl culture and the Mr will be falling in love all over again.

SALEM - A unisex scent that has an amazing and tranquil smell that reminds me of our time in Salem, Massachusetts. It would seem that you couldn’t go in any store that didn’t have the earthy smells of Nag Champa, Indian Sandalwood, Amber, Cedarwood, Musks and Woods. This is a fantastic tranquil scent that is just perfect for so many applications.

SHIPWRECK - A wonderful exclusive scent for the PIRATE IN ALL OF US!!! Taking Bay Rum to a whole new extreme!!!! This takes the classic Bay Rum (Cloves, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Pine & Orange) and adds about five other oils that will make you think you and your pirate friends crash landed on a Caribbean island!!! Some extra lime, a little apple, some vanilla, a pinch of this a pinch of that make one great fragrance!

SIGNATURE: Our “Signature” Scent covers all the bases. Since we sell many pomades and products to both Men and Women alike, we wanted a scent that wasn’t too masculine nor too feminine. A scent that you would smell and instantly wanna take if for a spin in your hair :P Let’s be honest when it comes to “perfumes” and “colognes” the scent is really for you since you are the one wearing it BUT that doesn’t mean your significant other won’t be getting up close and personal and catching a sniff :P

We took the classic barber shop style scent notes (powdery, floral, spicy) and subdued them so they wouldn’t be too powdery or soapy. We then took our homemade Bay Rum we ferment and made a whole new batch leaving out any musk or over the top spice notes so you get a nice scent that’s not too strong and manly but touches on all those great classic scent notes your nose will recognize.
We finished this scent off with PURE SANDALWOOD oil, not fragrance oil or imitation. Anyone who knows that real and pure Sandalwood oil can be as expensive as gold! While expensive it finishes off this concoction perfectly and could not imagine it any other way.

SOUL OF THE WOODS – This is part of a new series “Spa” style scents that are pure essential oils blends that can be used as “scents” in products, in the diffuser and even as a roll on oil mix for “healing” and “mood enhancements”. Like a breath of fresh, mountain air, this Essential Oil blend is incredibly uplifting and rejuvenating. Hints of Cedarwood, Siberian Fir Needle, Clove and others make this the perfect… Citrus, Earthy, Green, Spa, Spice, Woodsy scent!

SUN MOON AND STARS (WOMEN’S) - Another special request to recreate a popular fragrance that is so expensive most folks can’t afford it :P Like the fancy pants version this one has the aroma of fresh green notes of clover, lilly of the valley and ivy followed by notes of jasmine, and vetiver. A really nice floral oriented women’s perfume scent that opens with fruity-floral notes of freesia, bergamot, pineapple, orange blossom, lotus, rice and juicy peach. The heart of this exotic fragrance is jasmine, orange blossom, daffodil, carnation, lily of the valley, orchid and iris. The base notes carry sandalwood, cedar, amber, musk and vanilla. A truly one of a kind ladies scent that is just to die for!

SWAGGER & SWANK - I’ll admit it… I really like the smell of O*d Sp**e Swagg*r but I always wished it had a stronger scent but like most name brand things it’s just kinda watered down. I’ve taken the predominant scents of that whish are Cedarwood, Musk and Lime and turned it up a notch or several :P. This is a spicy, rich, warm woody fragrance with bright notes of lime, bergamot, and pineapple enhanced with notes of rose, muguet lily *lily of the valley*, and jasmine; sitting on masculine base notes of green moss, dark musk, cedar, sandalwood, and amber.

URBAN COWBOY - We were really looking for a certain something when we created this scent, we wanted something very masculine without being too “spicy” or “pungent”. Urban Cowboy delivers with a great sharp, woody, fresh fragrance that will remind you of a unique blend of leather, wood, tobacco and moss. This is great for all the guys who want to woo the ladies with a nice smelling scent that not just the cowgirls will love!!

VIRILITY – This is part of a new series “Spa” style scents that are pure essential oils blends that can be used as “scents” in products, in the diffuser and even as a roll on oil mix for “healing” and “mood enhancements”. This is one pure essential oil blend that like the title says defines “MANLINESS” :D!!! This bold Essential Oil blend containing Cedarwood, Star Anise and Clove embodies the core of masculinity.

WRANGLER - This sexy and masculine fragrance oil is just what our “SCENT” options needed! Another great “MAN” smell that is quite different than the others and like the name implies the ladies are going to think you just rolled in from the rodeo with a shiny new buckle to show off :D! Wrangler is an intoxicating scent that has clean citrus notes of orange and lemon with spicy notes of clove, anise, pepper, and rose. Notes of vanilla, leather, balsam, and warm musks lead to an unforgettable finish. The fresh air scents of the range with the manly smells of leather and musk this will be your Cowboy go to!

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We are always happy to work with store owners, barber shops, online resellers and anyone who wants to sell Dixie Cowboy Products. Just send us a message and we can work on a custom wholesale order just for you. We are not currently wholesaling our handmade combs and brushes, it is just impossible to mass produce these at this time. Some minimums apply when placing items for resale.

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Where applicable we will give an idea of the ingredients in the product. We do this for the love and all items are as advertised so if we say something is "glycol free" or "soy free" etc... it is. BUT we've had so many fishy people lately trying to get us to give them the recipe to our unique items. We love these products and we love you (our customers) so rest assured that our products are 100% as advertised. BUT again, if you have a specific allergy please just email us and we can tell you if it's safe.

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We love what we make and our handmade items take up most of our free time these days. We treat each one like it's our artistic interpretation and as a piece of art. We no longer accept custom or personalized orders as what little free time goes into creating more product for our shop. Thank you for understanding.

are your scents available on all items?

No not all but many, any item that can be custom scented for you will have a drop down menu with a SCENT category in the listing. Some products can not be scented due to a majority of reasons.


Our animal hair is sourced right here in Texas. All our wood is sourced right here as well but there are a couple for obvious reasons like they don't grow in Texas that are sourced elsewhere. Same with the horns. If you are looking to start your own comb or brush business I would suggest doing some research as I'm not giving up my contacts :D :P :D :P

I can't give you a class on how to make the brushes or combs, please don't ask me to walk you through how you can make the brushes or combs yourself. I'm sorry but I've worked hard to create a niche and it's not very nice to expect me to give out trade secrets and walk you through how to attach, clean, sanitize etc.. the boar hair and attach it :D :P :D :P.

Humane or Ethical Treatment of Animals

This seems to be the number one thing I've had emails about recently. All animals are treated with respect and dignity. When possible the material is sourced right on our farm but when needed we buy from other suppliers. It goes without saying that our GOAT and HORSE hair brushes are from "no kill" animals. Our boar hair is sourced in Texas from several places and is collected from wild boar who are hunted and processed for meat. There is no cruelty involved and all boars are dispersed as humanely as possible. Hair collection is only done when animal is processed after death.

Reviews (7)


The scent of the Ship Wrecked oil alone is fantastic, but I mixed it with some grain alcohol and put it into an atomizer to bring out the scent a little more. Now I have a beautiful little bottle of perfume that I would pay $65+ for. My girlfriend loves the scent and it lasts pretty much all day.

Very yummy aroma. I ordered the sun and stars, a very elegant scent. Cute packaging and great customer service

I like that the carrier oil feels lightweight, absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue. To me Southern Belle is a unique floral scent that's kind of hard to describe. I can smell honeysuckle blended with other scents. I wish that it lasted longer on, because I find myself reapplying it often. Shipping was prompt. Packed carefully so no leakage in transit!

I purchased the Signature scent as well as Southern Belle. Of the two, I like the Signature scent best. It's clean smelling like men's aftershave, and the carrier oil is light and absorbs quickly. However, the scent doesn't last very long, and I find myself reapplying it often. Shipping was fast.

I love this brush! I wanted a round brush to give my hair more volume, but I'm not very good at using them, so I thought I'd give this one a shot. It's super versatile, easy to use, and it exceeded my expectations.

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