ORGANIC Mustache Wax USA Made Dixie Cowboy Original All Natural Petroleum Free 100X Extra STIFF Strong Hold Handlebar Moustache


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Scent Descriptions, if available are at bottom of listing

We've sourced some great new screw top blue cans for our best selling product. Same product / New look.

The 100X EXTRA STIFF hold 'stache wax comes in 1/2oz metal tins that are just the right size for taking them with you on the go. I wear a large handlebar 'stache every day and one little tin lasts me for dang near forever. Our wax is very durable and you will need very little to curl your handlebar or hold down those crazy flyaway hairs. This is a great wax for fellows with really hard to shape hair and perfect for HANDLEBARS, quite frankly it's the only wax that can ever curl my 'stache into a handlebar as I've got hard to tame hair.

We know it's hard to find good products, made from all natural ingredients,that are strong enough to stand up to your rough and tough lifestyle. I've worked hard to use time honored recipes passed down to me and adapted them for use today using ONLY the BEST ingredients available.

ABSOLUTELY NO PETROLEUM OR CHEMICALS are used in any of our products. I was shocked to find Petroleum & Other Chemicals listed in the ingredients of popular brands of Mustache Waxes, Beard Oils and Lip Balms so this inspired me to make an all natural product using premium, safe, hair and skin replenishing ingredients.

Even worse what about companies that won't even share what is in their product? Haven't you wondered why some companies won't even tell you what is in their products, good chance you are pretty much just putting vaseline on your 'stache :) If they aren't telling you than you best be scared!!! We are proud to tell you what we are putting in our products so you know exactly what you are getting.

All our products come in UNSCENTED as well as other natural and great smelling scents. Why UNSCENTED? well I've had facial hair in one form of another for decades and over the years I've used just about every product known to man. While some 'stache wax maker's have a nice product that I liked I absolutely could not stand the smell of it and then I wouldn't want to use it. So for that reason we will always offer both an unscented wax and a scented. If you ever have any special requests or ideas I'd love to hear them.


All our Mustache Waxes, and most of our products, start out with all organic oils, waxes and other natural ingredients. The oil ratios will change depending on the recipe but you can rest assured there is no Vaseline, mineral spirits or chemicals being added to our recipes. All our scents are produced using a mix of essential oils, if for any reason something else is added it will be listed in the scent description information.

SIGNATURE: Our “Signature” Scent covers all the bases. Since we sell many pomades and products to both Men and Women alike, we wanted a scent that wasn’t too masculine nor too feminine. A scent that you would smell and instantly wanna take if for a spin in your hair :P Let’s be honest when it comes to “perfumes” and “colognes” the scent is really for you since you are the one wearing it BUT that doesn’t mean your significant other won’t be getting up close and personal and catching a sniff :P

We took the classic barber shop style scent notes (powdery, floral, spicy) and subdued them so they wouldn’t be too powdery or soapy. We then took our homemade Bay Rum we ferment and made a whole new batch leaving out any musk or over the top spice notes so you get a nice scent that’s not too strong and manly but touches on all those great classic scent notes your nose will recognize.
We finished this scent off with PURE SANDALWOOD oil, not fragrance oil or imitation. Anyone who knows that real and pure Sandalwood oil can be as expensive as gold! While expensive it finishes off this concoction perfectly and could not imagine it any other way.

RETRO BARBERSHOP: Our old time barbershop scent is EXACTLY what your mind conjured up when you read the title!! Lots of classic aromas that make you think of Grandpa coming home from a cut or sneaking in the bathroom to play with your Dad’s pomades and aftershaves! Just an amazing array of classic Powdery, Floral, Spicy notes!


Auction is for one container, extra are pictured to give you an idea of the packaging and design. On occasion product packaging may change and be different than pictured. Sometimes our supplier will run out of a container, lid etc.. so please keep that in mind -Unscented products are products without any added fragrance oil, there may be some residual "scent" from the ingredients. We offer most products without added scents for both folks with allergies and those who do not want perfumes and colognes in their products. Most products will have a drop down menu of available scents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wholesale availability

We are always happy to work with store owners, barber shops, online resellers and anyone who wants to sell Dixie Cowboy Products. Just send us a message and we can work on a custom wholesale order just for you. We are not currently wholesaling our handmade combs and brushes, it is just impossible to mass produce these at this time. Some minimums apply when placing items for resale.

Shipping and Handling Time

While our handling and processing time is set to 3 business days we generally ship out rather quickly. We schedule pick ups for Monday and Thursday every week so you can expect your order to go out on those days (depending when you order).


Where applicable we will give an idea of the ingredients in the product. We do this for the love and all items are as advertised so if we say something is "glycol free" or "soy free" etc... it is. BUT we've had so many fishy people lately trying to get us to give them the recipe to our unique items. We love these products and we love you (our customers) so rest assured that our products are 100% as advertised. BUT again, if you have a specific allergy please just email us and we can tell you if it's safe.

Custom and personalized orders

We love what we make and our handmade items take up most of our free time these days. We treat each one like it's our artistic interpretation and as a piece of art. We no longer accept custom or personalized orders as what little free time goes into creating more product for our shop. Thank you for understanding.

are your scents available on all items?

No not all but many, any item that can be custom scented for you will have a drop down menu with a SCENT category in the listing. Some products can not be scented due to a majority of reasons.


Our animal hair is sourced right here in Texas. All our wood is sourced right here as well but there are a couple for obvious reasons like they don't grow in Texas that are sourced elsewhere. Same with the horns. If you are looking to start your own comb or brush business I would suggest doing some research as I'm not giving up my contacts :D :P :D :P

I can't give you a class on how to make the brushes or combs, please don't ask me to walk you through how you can make the brushes or combs yourself. I'm sorry but I've worked hard to create a niche and it's not very nice to expect me to give out trade secrets and walk you through how to attach, clean, sanitize etc.. the boar hair and attach it :D :P :D :P.

Humane or Ethical Treatment of Animals

This seems to be the number one thing I've had emails about recently. All animals are treated with respect and dignity. When possible the material is sourced right on our farm but when needed we buy from other suppliers. It goes without saying that our GOAT and HORSE hair brushes are from "no kill" animals. Our boar hair is sourced in Texas from several places and is collected from wild boar who are hunted and processed for meat. There is no cruelty involved and all boars are dispersed as humanely as possible. Hair collection is only done when animal is processed after death.

I changed my review to five stars after using the product for a week.

This is the best mustache wax I’ve ever used. It holds nice curls for hrs. Smells great too!!

LOLOLOL - the scent I ordered was supposed to be Musk. It's not - It's a cross between Mothball #9 and Estee Lauder. Total old lady smell. LOLOLOL. So, if you have a mustache and want it to smell like Grandma, this is your wax. The hold is about average.

This is a great product! It goes on easy, smells great and lasts all day.

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