DIXIE COWBOY Combs and Brushes are made one at a time by me (and my toddler) at our little workshop on our farm.   We make simple and rustic designs in many different styles using a wide array of materials like goat and boar hair, animal horns and all kinds of great woods.   We keep our prices super cheap because we want everyone to be able to afford a great handmade item made right here in the USA.

LONE STAR SLICK was started because we are huge fans of all things vintage from Mustaches to Beards and Rockabilly/Retro hair styles... over the years though we've noticed that a lot of these products we were using were actually hurting our hair and skin! I would have to go through phases where I would shave off all my hair and start again to grow a new pomp or whatever style I wanted to wear, not to mention the skin issues particularly the pore blockage I was getting from these pomades.

A lightbulb went off one day that maybe it's not my hair but it's the grease / pomade / wax that is the culprit!!!! I know you would think I would know better having a science background and all but I was just kinda into certain greases for the last several decades that I never really thought about "changing brands".Having a science background I started doing a little digging into the ingredients, going so far as to even order a bunch I never tried just to see what was REALLY in them.  Well it should be no shock that all these products in the stores and even some on Etsy where just chock full of ingredients that are just downright harmful to skin and hair!I won't drag on and on but our goal with LONE STAR SLICK is simple...create a great product that will be just like the classics and new school ones without all the added chemicals.

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